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Regal Plaza
Limuru Road
P. O. Box :
1256 - 00606
Nairobi Kenya

+ 254-20-3753416
+ 254-20-2430854

Email Address: enquiries@pathcarekenya.com


To be recognised as the “first choice practice” in all our pathology arenas. We endeavour to remain fully abreast of cutting edge new research in our profession. We service the vast arena of our Kenya society and remain always conscious of health care expenses for those with or without the benefits of medical insurance / aid. We understand the future of pathology and our vision is to render this exact service – pathology through the future.
“PathCare Kenya is not only a laboratory with a difference
but is making a difference in all its areas of specialisation.”

“What differentiates PathCare Kenya from other local laboratories is
that it is the only facility that is internationally accredited by South
African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS).”

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