What is an antibiotic?
Antibiotics are medicines that fight infections caused by bacteria in humans and animals by either killing the bacteria or making it difficult for the bacteria to grow and multiply.
Antibiotics are also called antibacterial.
The first Morden-day antibiotic was used in 1936.Today antibiotics are still powerful,life-saving medications and they prevent less-serious infections from becoming serious.
Forms Of Antibiotic
How do antibiotics work against bacteria?
Antibiotics fight bacterial infections either by killing bacteria or slowing and suspending its growth this is achieved by:
What Do antibiotics treat?
What Don’t Antibiotics Treat?
Misuse of antibiotics
Antibiotic Resistance
The overuse of antibiotics in recent years means they’re becoming less effective and has led to the emergence of “superbugs”. These are strains of bacteria that have developed resistance to many different types of antibiotics, including: MRSA(methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) ,clostridium difficile (c. diff)and MDR-TB{Multi drug resistant tuberculosis.}
These types of infections can be serious and challenging to treat, and are becoming an increasing cause of disability and death across the world.
The biggest worry is that new strains of bacteria may emerge that cannot be treated by any existing antibiotics.
Antibiotics can sometimes interact with other medicines or substances. This means it can have an effect that is different to what you expected.
If you want to check that your medicines are safe to take with your antibiotics, ask your GP or local pharmacist.
Some antibiotics need to be taken with food, while others need to be taken on an empty stomach. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine.
Example: it’s best to completely avoid alcohol while taking metronidazole or tinidazole, and for 48 hours afterwards, as this combination can cause very unpleasant side effects, such as: feeling and being sick, stomach pain, hot flushes, headaches.

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What is an antibiotic? Antibiotics are medicines that fight infections caused by bacteria in humans